All Hits Billboard Weekend

Songs from the most famous hitmakers, singles from the most promising newcomers, music from the most wanted comeback performers… Listen to the latest Billboard chart-toppers that are shaping this decade.


OFW and Friends Online

V81 Radio proudly presents OFW and Friends Online, its weekly talk show that puts OFWs in the forefront. OFW and Friends Online aims to bridge OFWs to their homeland through public service bulletins and breaking news updates, while keeping them inspired through success stories of Filipino overseas workers.


US Visa Law News & FAQs

V81 Radio and the Madrid Crost Law Group partnered together to create the program US Visa Law News & FAQs. The show aims to help Filipinos all around the world with their US visa-related concerns, and give them the latest news regarding changes, policies, and regulations that may affect their US visa status.