About Us

We are V81 Radio, a Pinoy Internet Radio Station surfing the virtual airwaves since 2014 from our broadcasting studios in the Philippines and California, USA. We are reaching out to connect Filipinos from across the globe through music.

A division of  Transource Media, a multimedia outsourcing company in the Philippines, V81 Radio is a realization of the dreams of a group of professionals from the Philippine broadcasting industry to form a venue for the global Pinoy to share their innate passion for music. Aside from serenading the world with music from our home-grown talent, we also aim to soothe our Filipino expats’ homesickness with hits from their favourite OPM artists.


To be a mainstream name in internet radio for all Filipinos across the globe; To be recognized as a leader and innovator in the marriage of social technology and broadcasting as a means of promoting the culture, arts and entertainment of the Philippines.


To recreate and innovate the broadcasting arena by utilizing information and social technology

To increase its global footprint, both physically and digitally, thus permeating the virtual airwaves with our distinct Filipino brand of entertainment

To foster the Filipinos’ inherent love of arts and entertainment

To act as the bridge between the global Pinoy and their homeland

To be a powerful force in bringing about social change and development by delivering timely news and public service to Filipinos across the world

To actively contribute to the country’s development by promoting tourism to the international community


With pure Filipino Music (OPM) programming Mondays through Fridays, we indulge the musical cravings of Pinoys, wherever they may be with our homegrown hits. For our beloved OFWs, these songs bring them back home, even for just a few minutes.

Weekend programming gets diverse with entertainment talk shows, foreign hits from the 80s to the present as well as Christian music .


Exactly how big an audience do we cater to? Let the numbers do the talking:

  • 4 million Filipinos in the USA (as of 2011)
  • 800,000 Filipinos in Canada (as of 2012)
  • 2 million Filipinos in the Middle East (as of 2012)
  • 700,000 Filipinos in the UAE, of which 450,000 are in Dubai

This translates to a whooping 6.8 million Filipinos who are pining for their homegrown sounds and news from back home.

How to connect to them? The INTERNET.

The Team

Meet the minds behind V81 Radio 🙂

Rally ``Papa Gio`` Vargas

Chief Operations Officer

Marieto ``Papa Tolits`` Laureno

Marketing Executive / Host