US Visa Law News & FAQs


US Visa Law News & FAQs

Due to the long-standing relationship between the Philippines and the United States, many Filipinos long for the American dream. Sometimes, the only thing that prevents them from getting it is a simple visa.

In line with this, V81 Radio and the Madrid Crost Law Group partnered together to create the program US Visa Law News & FAQs. The show aims to help Filipinos all around the world with their US visa-related concerns, and give them the latest news regarding changes, policies, and regulations that may affect their US visa status.

Madrid Crost Law Group principal, Atty. Mary Carmen Madrid Crost, is the lawyer-expert on US Visa Law News & FAQs. On each show, Atty. Crost calls on her nearly 20 years of experience dealing with the US Immigration Law to answer US Visa Law-related questions sent in by Filipinos around the world. She also gives her expert advice to live callers who approach her for their problems. Atty. Crost shares as well recent reports and announcements on the law that may affect the current and future status of an ordinary Pinoy’s US visa.

US Visa Law News & FAQs airs every Sunday, 12-1 AM, Philippine time, with replays every Monday, 9-10 AM.


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