Entrepreneur Hour


Entrepreneur Hour

Filipinos are known to be full of determination, no matter where they go. It is therefore no surprise to see them succeed in the field of business around the world.

Entrepreneur Hour is V81 Radio’s business talk show that aims to highlight the Pinoy entrepreneurial spirit. By interviewing businessmen from new startups and seasoned enterprises, the show offers a rich dimension into what it truly means to be a Filipino entrepreneur.

In Entrepreneur Hour, the guests are encouraged to talk about their daily struggles and triumphs, providing listeners real-life lessons to subscribe by. Businessmen from all kinds of industries are welcomed to the show, from those that find their humble beginnings selling items via Instagram, to those who have established premiere MMA academies in the city. Moreover, due to online streaming, our guests also get the opportunity to answer any questions listeners may have on opening a business.

Entrepreneur Hour airs on weekdays, 4-5 PM, and on Saturdays, 3-4 PM.


To listen, log on to www.v81radio.com, or download our mobile app for free on our website, which is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android users.

Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/v81radio to view our FB Live streams, and connect with us via Twitter and Instagram at @v81radio.

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