Michelle Ayalde Back With New Album HiPNOTIC


Michelle Ayalde Back With New Album HiPNOTIC


Michelle Ayalde at V81 Radio to promote her new album, HiPNOTIC.

Former Star Magic artist Michelle Ayalde is back in Manila to promote her new international album, HiPNOTIC.

In a September 26 interview with V81 Radio, Michelle talked about memories of local show biz, her recent stint abroad, and HiPNOTIC.

Known for singing the theme song of the fantasy series Wansapanataym and the Tagalog version of the theme song for F4’s Meteor Garden, Michelle had a budding career in the Philippines before she left four years ago. She guested in hit 1990s show Ang TV, became a regular in musical variety show ASAP, and had a number of projects as an actress-singer. But her life changed after someone in the US saw a video of her performance in ASAP.

“Nakita po nila ‘yong video ko sa YouTube,” she shared.“Tapos ayun, nag-send po sa akin ng message sa Facebook si Mickey Willingham…then he asked me if I could join his band. And gusto ko rin po kasing [subukan] ‘yong music industry sa Malaysia.”

After some hesitation, Michelle began her career abroad. She performed in different clubs, and was later given a record deal by producers there. She then released HiPNOTIC, a 7-track album of brand new songs. “You’ll be hypnotized doon sa carrier single ko, which is entitled Hypnotic,” she noted. While she sang “Love” during the show, she admits that her personal favorite among the new tracks is “Missing You”.


As Michelle will be returning to Malaysia after promoting her album in the Philippines, she invited everyone to come see her with her band Cash Band there. “Pagbalik ko, nasa Soju Kuala Lumpur po ako. Tapos, sa November, nasa Soju Penang naman ako,” she added.


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