5 Reasons Why Liza Soberano’s “Dolce Amore” is the Sweetest Primetime Teleserye


5 Reasons Why Liza Soberano’s “Dolce Amore” is the Sweetest Primetime Teleserye

For almost a month now, we have been following the adventures of Serena “Sese” Marchesa (played by Liza Soberano) and Simon Vicente “Tenten” Ibarra (played by Enrique Gil) from their childhood until their eventual meeting. This early, we can already say that “Dolce Amore” is the sweetest primetime teleserye we have currently and here are the reasons why:

5. Certified expertise of directors Cathy Garcia-Molina and Mae Cruz-Alviar


(From L-R) Director Mae Cruz-Alviar, Gerald Anderson, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (Photo credit: ABS-CBN Star Cinema YouTube Channel)

A promising love story will remain just a promise if not executed well. What a relief, “Dolce Amore” was entrusted to experts in directing kilig films and series – Cathy Garcia-Molina and Mae Cruz-Alviar!

Garcia-Molina is well known for her high grossing romantic films like “One More Chance,” “A Second Chance” and “She’s Dating the Gangster.” She has also directed Liza and Enrique’s first teleserye as a loveteam, “Forevermore.”

Cruz-Alviar, on the other hand, is famous for directing blockbuster movies like “Crazy Beautiful You” and “Bride for Rent.” Her experience in directing Liza and Enrique in films “She’s the One” and “Everyday I Love You” surely made her work in “Dolce Amore” easier.


4. Winning comebacks of great actors Bobot Mortiz, Cherie Gil and Sunshine Cruz

What makes a good series is not just a strong set of main actors but also a reliable supporting cast. “Dolce Amore” is assured of such solid support as actor-director Bobot Mortiz, versatile Cherie Gil and award-winning Sunshine Cruz have all made a comeback on primetime.

It took Direk Bobot 10 years while Cherie and Sunshine were last seen on primetime in 2014 and 2008, consecutively. The three along with Matteo Guidicelli, Rio Locsin, Kean Cipriano, Ruben Maria Soriquez and the rest of the cast are redefining the term “ensemble” in television.


One of the behind-the-scene photos of Liza and Enrique during their shoot in Bohol that the team has shared via ABS-CBN’s website

3. Captivating shots of scenic Tagaytay and Bohol

Similar to how “Forevermore” introduced us the beauty of the fictional La Presa which is actually Sitio Pungayan at Mt. Kabuyao, Tuba, Benguet; “Dolce Amore” showed us the view from the highlands of Tagaytay and tours us around Bohol.

While Sese was chasing the business tycoon, Mr. Mosley, she also offered the audience the view from up there. And in her recent search for her Nanay Melds, she let us experience Loboc River, Panglao Island, the Sevilla Hanging Bridge and the Chocolate Hills. At the onset of the TV series, we saw glimpses of Italy like Fontana di Nettuno, The Colosseum and Piazza del Duomo. Yet, there is a special place in our hearts for our local destinations and it is something we really appreciate about Dolce Amore.

2. Uncommon dimensions of characters

Every character has dimensions. The first dimension is traits you see on the surface like how Tenten cannot pronounce the “s” sound before. The second is the backstory like how both Sese and Tenten are both adopted children who are looking for their identity.

Another thing we like about Dolce Amore is how it gives its characters a third dimension – how an empowered young lady like Sese would agree to a fixed marriage to save her family from bankruptcy and how a workaholic lad like Tenten would give up his “sidelines” to go an uncertain journey with Sese.

These unexpected actions are what will make their bond stronger and, perhaps, their love deeper.

(Photo credit: Liza Soberano’s Instagram account @lizasoberano)

(Photo credit: Liza Soberano’s Instagram account @lizasoberano)

1. LizQuen. Period.

LizQuen, the portmanteau of Liza and Enrique’s loveteam, is one enough reason to make “Dolce Amore” a show to look forward to every night.

There is definitely no need to explain this further but we will do so, nevertheless, for the benefit of those living under the rock for the past 3 years. They have chemistry onscreen. And, they have mutual understanding off screen. We are using the term “M.U.” loosely here, as the two have not said anything official but Enrique has been vocal about his feelings for Liza and Liza has not turned him down.


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