Justin Bieber Need Not be “Sorry”


Justin Bieber Need Not be “Sorry”

Justin Bieber’s new single “Sorry” may have debuted at #2 of the Billboard charts, lagging behind Adele’s phenomenal comeback song “Hello,” but it is still a hot item in terms of digital sales, trending tweets and YouTube hits and– yes, nothing to be sorry for.

The song Bieber recently admitted to be inspired by ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was released on October 23. On its first week, per Neilsen Music, the single sold 277,000 downloads and garnered 23.1 million US streams.

Off to a good start, “Sorry” remains strong in the digital sales arena on its second week. It has already exceeded the 400,000 unit sales, making its way to the 3rd place of the Digital Songs chart. Bieber’s previous single “What Do You Mean?” continues to sell as well, now with a more than 1M paid downloads.

Though a runner-up in the regular Billboard charts, this collaboration of the Biebs with Skrillex and Blood Diamonds went straight to the top spot of the Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks. This is Beiber’s second consecutive single to earn the highest position of this weekly ranking. His previous single “What Do You Mean?” is the longest-reigning song in the chart’s history, holding the top spot for 6 consecutive weeks.

Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks is a chart capturing the most tweeted songs of each week since May 2014. With the countdown he made via Instagram and Twitter, the Biebs’ song was already trending even before its release. Add a promotion from no less than Michelle Obama and an unexpected duet with Gomez for an unreleased single called “Strong”, Bieber’s Twiter mentions boomed to 2.6M by on its release week.

Even before its release, “Sorry” already topped Billboard’s Trending 140 chart
(Photo credit: Billboard’s Twitter account @billboard)

Prior to the commercial release of the EDM track, a dance video of the song dropped via YouTube on October 22. The video featuring the all-girl dance crews from New Zealand’s Palace Dance Studio has been viewed for more than 95 million times, as of this writing. As vocal covers of the song pours out, so as dance covers thanks to the talented twerking gals from the Ladies of ReQuest and Royal Dance Crews and the genius choreography of Parris Goebel

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/fRh_vgS2dFE” align=”center”]

A lyric video and a Latino Remix audio (featuring J. Balvin) of the song have been uploaded on YouTube as well and both are similarly earning millions of hits.

“Sorry” and “What Do You Mean” are just two of the 19 tracks (for deluxe) from Bieber’s newest album “Purpose” which is set for official release on November 13. Another single called “I’ll Show You” was dropped on November 1. Aside from Skrillex and Blood, other confirmed collaborators are Ariana Grande, Diplo, Rick Rubin and Kanye West.

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