Janelle Jamer on V81 Radio


Janelle Jamer on V81 Radio

TV co-host and popular game show personality Janelle Jamer is expanding her reach into music. The sexy and attractive co-host, who rose to popularity via her stint with Willie Revillame’s shows “Wowowee” and its various permutations, has just released a full length self-titled album. In “Janelle Jamer” – the singer, wrote all the songs and steered the direction, the sound and shape of her album.

Janelle Jamer during her radio visit at V81 Radio

The first single from “Janelle Jamer” is the tuneful, piano-driven ballad “’Di Na Maibabalik” – a heartbreaking song about loss and love. Jamer may have this sexy and sultry look and image about her. But as far as her music is concerned, she’s all about emotion and focus. The result, as this single, and the whole album proves – is that she can be a serious songwriter of ballads, mid-tempo tunes and pop rock.

Janelle Jamer with DJ Papa Tolits

Janelle Jamer alternates between acting on soap operas, hosting and playing music. Expect to see and hear more of “Janelle Jamer” for the rest of 2017, and beyond. Let’s watch her interview again with Papa Tolits. Click the video below.

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