Annie Lux on V81 Radio


Annie Lux on V81 Radio

Annie Lux is a young VIVA Artist currently attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music. In 2015, Annie released her first solo EP entitled “Lux” with multi-platinum, Grammy nominated Production/Songwriting team Kuya Productions.

Her song “A-Side” is featured on hit Television show “The Next Step” and has over a million views on YouTube. Known for writing and performing R&B and Reggae influenced pop music, the young singer/songwriter has so much more in store!

She is currently in Manila to promote her song “Yesterday” released under Viva Records. Watch her radio visit at our Manila station with Papa Tolits. Click the video below (skip until 1 hour 58 mins)

Annie Lux is 19-year old Filipina composer singer who recently signed up with Viva Records as a recording artist. Growing up and living in Calgary, Canada – where the weather can get to freezing, Annie savors the times spent vacationing in the Philippines where she stays in Quezon City or in Legazpi City, Albay where her parents are originally from.
“I love the weather here. I even like the way humidity smells,” says Annie who spent most of her last summer vacation at the beaches to enjoy the sun. This time though, her reasons for visiting Manila is for purely musical reasons.”

Currently Annie is enrolled in the prestigious Berklee College of Music where world renowned pop artists such as John Mayer, Charlie Puth, Psy and Diana Krall studied before they became stars. Annie looks to take the same route in her own musical journey, though she’s taking the “local” approach as she finally sets up shop in the country of her roots and releases her Viva Records debut single entitled “Yesterday.”

“I was doing my physics (subject) when my producer called to say ‘you need a stage name, Anne Marie is too common,’ so I said ‘ok’ and I went to the glossary of my physics textbook (and took ‘Lux.’) I really like science and I plan of pursuing that as a career. But I’m so passionate about music that I had to choose this.”
“‘Lux’ is a unit of light. I want my music and sound to be bright and happy. I want my music to brighten other people’s day, and to me, I find that the sun is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and a woman of the sun should always be bright.”


Currently, Annie Lux is taking a break from her studies at Berkelee College of Music to promote her debut single.
“I’m very passionate about music and creating. I want to integrate Filipino culture in my music. I feel that in North America and in the western world, Asian music is not represented as well as authentically as it should be. And I really want to promote that.”

The soothing, electronic sounds of “Yesterday” is streaming at Spotify and the full music video can be seen at the Viva Records YouTube channel.

Annie Lux with Papa Tolits

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